Responsible Tourism

As a travel company, we are committed to helping sustain the environment and local
economies, and preserving cultures, by working with local artists and craftspeople,
farmers, and private inn owners who share the same beliefs and values.

Meaningful connections with local people

We want to foster genuine interaction between local populations and visitors – staying in family-run inns, meeting craftsmen and artists, and experiencing the unique, everyday qualities of each particular destination.

Communities and local businesses

We aim to ensure the long-term sustainability of natural resources, culture, and society,
treating them with respect and fairness. Wherever possible we choose smaller lodgings owned and run by local people

Slow food and our carbon footprint

Our suppliers value locally-produced food, which has a lower carbon footprint and further encourages economic activity in the community. We prioritize public transport over tour buses and thereby lessen our environmental impact.

We proudly support Mirai no Mori, an NGO dedicated to empowering and inspiring children in need. Through their transformative programs, they provide valuable experiences and life skills, helping children overcome challenges and reach their full potential.
Visit their website at to learn more and join us in making a positive impact.