Japan culture

We specialize in themed small-group tours. We customize tours based on our customers' preferences and offer a variety of themes.
Here are the main themes we primarily focus on:

●Dance and Performance Art: We provide opportunities for individuals captivated by stage arts and dance to enjoy outstanding performances and even offer backstage access.

●Blue Indigo: Engage with a range of indigo farmers and specialist artistans, be inspired by incredible design and craftsmanship.

●Sake: If you're interested in Japan's traditional sake brewing culture, we introduce you to the world of delicious sake through brewery tours and sake-tasting experiences.

●Wellness: For those looking to focus on relaxation and physical and mental well-being, we offer refreshing tours such as yoga and mindfulness experiences in naturally beautiful environments.

We plan customized tours based on your preferences and these themes, delivering exceptional experiences. Our team is passionate about the experience of all visitors to Japan; carefully curating bespoke itineraries that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

It takes a lot to create a truly memorable and satisfactory holiday. Selecting destinations to visit, choosing where to go, researching where to stay, and finding the workshops or artisan studios that your customers will like.

Please get in touch to learn how we can work with you to promote our destinations, enjoying the peace of mind that your travelers will be in the most capable hands.

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